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The cantilever racking system is intrinsically designed to be the ideal solution for storing various types of long, narrow material or material in sheet form (e.g., poles, pipes, rods, reels, boards, sheet metal, etc.) when one dimension of the material to be stored is markedly greater than the standard dimensions for pallet racking storage.

The advantage of this system is its ability to hold stored material with various lengths, shapes, and dimensions while ensuring that individual storage levels have a high load-bearing capacity, the stored materials are clearly organized, and there is immediate access to the stored materials. The most frequent use of cantilever racking systems is to store materials for the metal industry during production or as a storage area for input material at the start of a production line. PROMAN’s racking system comes with a free estimate that includes a project design that takes into consideration the entry area and handling requirements, delivery, installation, the option of inspections, and warranty and post-warranty services. As a matter of course, PROMAN has acquired engineering test certificates at the national level and meets the tough requirements of European norms.


Cantilever Racks Construction

Cantilever racking systems are primarily used for long components that do not necessitate pallets. The components can be stored in bundles or individually. The racks are able to be installed in storage warehouse and factory building interiors as well as in exterior environments; however, they do require high-quality concrete flooring. The construction is designed according to the customer’s requests and requirements for stocking and storing materials as well as the required load-bearing capacity of individual storage levels. Because user requests and needs are varied (the distance between columnss, column length, cantilever console length, the number of cantilever arms, console load capacity, decking for the rack, etc.), each cantilever racking system is approached as an individual unit that is designed according to the customer’s needs. Cantilever racking is a self-supporting, prefabricated structure made from partially welded components. It is constructed of standard rolled steel section that is reinforced using horizontal connections and bracing rods with tensioners.

Cantilever Racks Advantages

A universal and flexible storage system. Suitable for storing large format materials. Variable solutions.

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The racking quote includes:

  • A column with base, including anchors
  • Cantilever consoles, including fastening components
  • Horizontal and vertical bracing
  • Load capacity charts
  • The option of supplemental roofing or wall construction, lateral guides for forklifts.

Optional Fittings

  • Corner protectors
  • Racking side protectors
  • Labels for storage locations and racking aisles
  • Lateral guides for forklifts
  • Crossbeams for pallets and barrels
  • Mesh or sheet metal wall panels for the racking
  • Panels of metal grating (decking)
  • Particle board panels (decking)
  • Sheet metal panels (decking)
  • Sheet metal for load distribution

3D model with descriptions

Cantilever Racking Construction
Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racks are most frequently constructed with a load capacity of 50 to 2000 kg per individual cantilever console, their cantilever consoles range from 500 to 2000 mm, and the distance between columns is decided according to the length of the stored material and its weight. The column height is generally 2000 mm, according to the number of cantilever console.



The cantilever racking column with base is made from rolled steel section, specifically, IPE beams. The joint between the column and the supporting base is either bolted or welded. On the front side, the columns have openings for attaching the cantilever console; the console is adjustable at a height interval of 100 mm. The column section type varies according to the required load-bearing capacity, height, and number of cantilever console.

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Cantilever storage racks

Storage console is primarily made from IPE, or possibly TR4HR, rolled steel section. The cantilever console is fastened on to the racking column using a bolt fitted through a metal flange. At the end, they are equipped with a catch for an end pin to protect against rolling material.

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Surface finish

The standard cantilever racking finish is intended for use in interior environments – this is paint in the requested RAL color applied by wet spray. For exterior use, hot-dip galvanization is available.