In general, shelving unit construction is used for storing various types of goods and materials directly on shelves (smaller items, boxes, plastic containers, files, books, etc.)

The shelving system’s method of construction makes functional use of warehouse space, increases warehouse storage capacity, and contributes to clear organization of the stored goods and materials. This type of construction is primarily installed in interior environments on a high-quality concrete floor. PROMAN’s racking system comes with a free estimate that includes a project design that takes into consideration the entry area and handling requirements, delivery, installation, the option of inspections, and warranty and post-warranty services. As a matter of course, PROMAN has acquired engineering test certificates at the national level and meets the tough requirements of European norms.


Shelving Unit Construction

Shelving units are essentially designed to be self-supporting structures. The shelving units are prefabricated structures composed of special rolled steel section, support beams, and shelves; they are reinforced with diagonal bracing. The basic shelving design is one upright frame with shelving bays. The shelving unit frame is made from four uprights of the appropriate height that are interconnected by diagonal on depth from front to back. The shelving frame must always retain two shelves, i.e., two storage levels to ensure the stability of the overall construction. It is also possible to equip the shelving unit with any of the accessories provided.

Shelving Unit Advantages:

A simple modular system, highly variable, suitable for storing smaller-scale material.

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The primary elements of shelving unit construction are as follows:

  • Shelving unit frames
  • Shelving support beams
  • Shelves
  • Decking for the bays in multilevel shelving construction
  • Accessories

Optional Fittings

  • Corner protectors
  • Frame protectors
  • Racking side protectors
  • Labels for storage locations and racking aisles
  • Lateral guides for three-way forklifts
  • Mesh or sheet metal wall panels for the shelving
  • Backstops behind the pallets
  • Panels from metal grating (decking)
  • Particle board panels (decking)
  • Sheet metal panels (decking)
  • Sheet metal for load distribution

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Shelving Unit Construction


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The frames have perforated openings that are used when attaching the shelving/support beam brackets and to install the diagonal bracing. The perforated holes in the frame allow the shelving height to be adjusted at intervals of 25 mm. The frame uprights are supplied in standard lengths of 1500 mm to 9000 mm in increments of 500 mm.

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The shelves are manufactured from cold-formed steel sheeting so that there are no sharp edges at the perimeter. The standard shelf thickness is 30 mm. Shelving units are made in standard lengths of 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1300, and 1500 mm and in widths of 300, 400, 500, 600, and 800 mm. The shelves are attached to the shelving frame using specially shaped hooks.

Load-bearing capacity of the shelf (kg)

Shelving depth (mm) 300 400 500 600 800
Shelving width (mm)          
600 250 230 220 190 120
800 220 200 190 160 100
1000 180 160 150 130 90
1200 140 120 110 100 80
1300 130 110 100 90 40
1500 90 70 60 50  

Shelving unit accessories

Shelving unit accessories - Storage bins

Storage bins

Shelving unit accessories - Blueprint storage cabinets

Blueprint storage cabinets

Shelving unit accessories - Systems for storing hanging or filing folders

Systems for storing hanging or filing folders

Shelving unit accessories - Fold-down shelves/tables

Fold-down shelves/tables

Shelving unit accessories - Hand crank

Hand crank

Shelving unit accessories - Rails


Shelving Support Beams

Shelving Support Beams

These are made from cold-formed steel sheeting. They are equipped with brackets on both ends that fit into the perforated frame holes. The section size and the support beam shape differ according to the required load capacity and length. The support beam shape allows the bay to be supplemented with shelves of particle board or sheet metal panels.

Flow Pallet Racking

Flow Pallet Racking

This system is used to store individual items for crates, boxes, and containers of various sizes. It is possible to divide the roller tier into individual lanes with partition strips; it is also possible to adjust both the roller tracks as well as the partition strips. The rollers are made from highly resistant plastic and are fitted with a metal shaft.

Partitions and Dividers

Partitions and Dividers

These are primarily used for separating individual types of materials or goods and for creating individually organized sections on longer shelving units.

Surface Finish

Surface Finish

The standard finish is either galvanization or a paint powder coat. The basic colors are RAL 5010 blue and RAL 7035 gray. It is also possible to supply the shelving in other RAL colors.

Frames for Discs and Tires

Frames for Discs and Tires

These are used to store discs or pneumatic tires. They are manufactured from welded hollow structural section. They are vertically adjustable and are attached to the shelving frame using specially shaped hooks.

Mesh and Screens

Mesh and Screens

These are attached to the shelving frame.

It is possible to supply a whole range of accessories according to how the shelving will actually be used: :

  • Shelves from grating in combination with spill trays for storing chemicals or mineral oils
  • Partitions for separating individual shelves
  • Special support beams for storing clothing on hangers
  • Storage shelving for small-scale material
  • Pole brackets for hanging ladders
  • Side and back wall panels.